ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville: Ultimate Spring Cleaning Schedule

The saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Because of this, you're far more likely to complete your yearly house cleaning if it's divided into manageable steps and follows a tried-and-true schedule, which is precisely what you'll find here at ASAP Dumpster.
We can help you completely revamp your home in as little as four weeks. You'll enjoy greater clarity, more room, better air quality, and who knows what else? Somewhere you might find a big stash of cash. (We're crossing our fingers for you.) A comprehensive, interactive house cleaning schedule for your upcoming spring-cleaning project and possible need for residential dumpster rental in Harrisonville is provided below.
This thorough guide makes sure that during your revitalization process, no detail is missed. Using this spring cleaning schedule will not only help to manage the task but also transform your house into a rejuvenating retreat. If you follow the plan, you'll soon reap the rewards of a revitalized living area.

The Deep Spring-Cleaning House Schedule: How to Use It

Week 1: The Purge: Comprehensive Arrangement
Week 2: The Cozy Spots: Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Closets
Week 3: The Dirty Spots: Garage, Basement, Attic, Kitchen, and Bathroom
Week 4: The Final Stretch: Concluding All Details

This printable spring cleaning checklist will leave you feeling refreshed at the end of the month with a reusable house cleaning schedule you can bring out every April or May, whether you're a stay-at-home parent, a working mother, or a twentysomething riding the Marie Kondo wave.
Here are 3 ways to use the calendar before you get started.
  • Put this timeline on a portable device, like your cellphone. Take it with you like a personal helper and finish each task at hand.
  • Use it as a checklist for cleaning your house after printing it. Once a task is completed, mark it as such and burn it over a bonfire with your friends. Say goodbye to the disorganized home of the past year and hello to the sharper focus and ferocity of the future.
  • Utilize it annually and laminate it.
All set? Together, let's begin your spring cleaning. We are here to help with junk removal in Harrisonville.

Week 1: The Purge: Comprehensive Arrangement
Your overall decluttering plan is the focus of the first week. Ultimately, it is pointless to invest time in thoroughly cleaning items that you no longer require. If the broken bookshelf in your garage needed to be restored, you wouldn't get out the feather duster and furniture polish.
The Heavy Lifting

Day 1 of the Spring Cleaning Schedule:
Take a look around your home and identify any large items that you no longer need. Sort them into columns according to the condition they are in: replace, donate, or discard. For large amounts of trash, use a 15 yard dumpster rental in Harrisonville and fill it with items that can still be donated to a thrift store. Decide on a location to store everything you don't need, so by the end of the week, you won't be rushing from room to room.

Day 2: Kitchen/Dining Area
ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville suggests taking stock and empty your shelves and cabinets. Are you holding onto unused or outdated cookware? Do you have extra copies of things you don't use often? Is it time to begin saving money for a new set of appliances? Plan how to maximize your kitchen's space and get rid of anything you don't nee with junk removal in Harrisonville.

Day 3: Office, Family Room, and Living Room
ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville knows that your family spends most of its time in these areas, so anything you can do to reduce clutter will improve everyone's quality of life. If you're into that kind of thing, rearrange furniture and remove any decor you don't like for better feng shui.

Day 4: Bedrooms Cleanup Schedule
Get rid of any old bedroom furniture that doesn't work for you. Examine your mattress to see if it needs to be replaced. Take out any carpets and décor you don't use, and empty dressers and closets of any unwanted apparel and accessories.

Day 5: Bathrooms
In the bathroom, soaps, creams, gels, and other grooming supplies tend to gather, so make sure to organize the areas beneath your sink and inside your cabinets so you can see what you have.

Day 6: Bonus Rooms and Closets
The modern life's boon and bane is the walk-in closet. Think about whether it's truly worth keeping on to anything you have stored in closets that you haven't touched in a few months. Check every closet you have, including the front coat closet and the ones in your bedrooms.

Day 7: Finalize
Complete anything that hasn't been sorted through today. Next, collect your junk and donate it to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the Salvation Army, or hold a garage sale. Relax, the clutter will be gone, and the rest of your deep cleaning journey will be much simpler.
Week Two: The Cozy Spots: Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Closets

If you are among the 80 million Americans who struggle with sleep issues, week two could significantly alter your life. A National Sleep Foundation study found that you'll sleep better if your bed is more comfortable and cleaner. Furthermore, keeping your home generally clean will keep you happier and healthier, and having less clutter in your office will increase productivity. Are you prepared to makeover your resting places? Come on, let's do it! Don’t want to deal with it? Throw it all into a residential dumpster rental in Harrisonville and call it a day!

Day 1: Living Room
ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville suggests sweeping or vacuuming the floors. To thoroughly clean your couches and other small or difficult-to-reach areas, such as the corners of vaulted ceilings, use a vacuum extension. Wash the windows and clean the baseboards and trim. If you own one, clean your chimney and fireplace thoroughly, or hire someone to do it for you.

Day 2: The Master Bedroom
You'll breathe better at night, so use a vacuum to give your floors a little deep cleaning attention. Maintain your ceiling fan, recessed ceilings, windows, trim, and other architectural details. To freshen your mattress, wash all of your bedding, then sprinkle baking soda on it. Let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum it up. Turn it if necessary.

Day 3: Additional Bedrooms
ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville suggests your family and you spend a lot of time in these areas moving around and interacting, any effort you make to reduce clutter will benefit everyone. If you're into that kind of thing, rearrange furniture and remove any decor you don't like for better feng shui.

Day 4: Office or Bonus Rooms
ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville suggests setting aside a day to thoroughly clean all of the furniture, flooring, windows, and details in your office, craft room, or bonus rooms.

Day 5: Clothes
ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville suggests although we don't spend much time in our closets, you might be shocked at the types of dirt and other debris that can gather there. Clean and mop the floors, dust the corners, wipe down the shelves, and empty your closets.

Day 6: Fixtures and Additional Features
ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville suggests picking up your favorite all-purpose cleaner and rag. Features such as light switches, shelves, towel racks, doorknobs, and handles should be cleaned. Make sure your lights are getting enough love because a happy home is well-lit.
Day 7: Finalize
ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville suggests that spring cleaning is the ideal time to bring in the ladder so you can have a 360-degree perspective of your home's rooms. Vacuum or dust from above, then descend to clean details that are typically hidden, such as crown molding and basement boards.

Week 3: The Dirty Spots: Garage, Basement, Attic, Kitchen, and Bath
It's time to get down and dirty this week in the rooms that are most likely to contain the greatest amount of dirt, grime, and microscopic matter and possible need for that roll off dumpster in Harrisonville. The bad guys in these rooms are mold and mildew, two substances that can seriously harm your health.
Your kitchen, bathroom, and garage are definitely the areas that require the most attention when it comes to deep cleaning, even if you maintain a fairly decent level of cleanliness in these spaces.
The good news is that, despite your intense disgust, all you need to do to tackle the filth in these rooms is equip yourself with the appropriate equipment. For every potential solution, you don't need a hundred or more upscale cleaning supplies. Actually, you only need a few items to finish it all:
  • Hefty gloves
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar that has been distilled
  • Microfiber linen
  • Stiff-bristled toothbrush or sponge
  • Glass and window cleaner
Thoroughly clean the oven, stovetop, refrigerator's interior and exterior (plan this chore so you can clean it when you're running low on food), microwave, and dishwasher. A straightforward mixture of vinegar, water, and baking soda works wonders for these gooey areas. Additionally, remember to use exhaust fans and drain pans.

Day 1: Kitchen
ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville suggests after moving the large items to a more accessible area, clean the walls and the areas behind and beneath movable appliances. Make sure to dust your cabinets and other features thoroughly, as well as clean the flooring, windows, light, and door fixtures.

Day 2: Spring Cleaning Schedule
After soaking it in a vinegar-filled plastic bag for the entire night, clean your shower head the following day. To disintegrate mildew, soak your shower floor, toilet, and any other soiled spots with a solution of baking soda and white vinegar. If you have a shower curtain, soak the plastic part and run the cloth through the washing machine.

Day 3: Dusting 
ASAP Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville suggests dusting  your fixtures, cabinets, walls, floors, windows, and any high-up areas (like skylights). Reseal the grout if required.
Day 4: Garage
To remove cobwebs, dust, and debris from walls, floors, and corners, use an old broom. Clear the windows in the garage. See our article on garage cleaning to get the most out of your storage space. Do you need a residential dumpster rental in Harrisonville for this?

Day 5: Laundry Room or Mudroom
Finish off the deep clean from week three by doing a thorough cleaning in your laundry room or mudroom today. After relocating the washer and dryer away from the walls and thoroughly cleaning the surrounding floors, clean the interior of each appliance, making sure to include the dryer vent. All surfaces, windows, and shelves should be cleaned and dusted.
Regardless of whether you own or rent, you are aware of how dirt and spider webs can gather on outdoor furniture and equipment. To get rid of your yard waste, rent a dumpster. Broken outdoor furniture and that barrel your husband brought home, which, despite his promise, is now rotting in your shed. If you’re ready to declutter your space, hir a professional like ASAP Dumpster for junk removal in Harrisonville.
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