Roll Off Dumpster Rental in Harrisonville: 5 Ways To Prevent Damage To Property

You've made the decision to tidy up. Get rid of everything. It may be that you have decided to downsize or that you are flipping a house. In any case, the next task on your list before the major clean out is to "rent a dumpster." Fantastic concept!
Have you given ASAP Dumpster’s roll off dumpster in Harrisonville any thought? They are suitable for residential use and safe. Naturally, ASAP Dumpster understands that you are entirely responsible for how you use a residential dumpster rental in Harrisonville.

Regaining your security deposit or receiving a flawless inspection report shouldn't be hampered by a few (preventable) mistakes. Here are five suggestions for making the most of your dumpster rental experience while completely preventing damage to your property. We hope you find these tips useful as you begin preparing for your next major clean-up project.

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1. Where to Park Your Roll Off Dumpster in Harrisonville – The Ideal Spot

Choose any spot you like, but don't move too quickly. The location of your dumpster has a big impact on how well it is used. Because roll-off dumpsters are heavy and will only get heavier as you fill them, it is best to set them down on a level, firm surface (most driveways work well for this), avoiding soft surfaces like lawns that could cause them to sink or leave marks.
When choosing where to place the residential dumpster rental in Harrisonville in your driveway, bear the following points in mind:
  • Is your car still able to park in this spot?
  • Is it possible for you to keep it from being where it might obstruct pedestrians' and drivers' vision at the end of your driveway?
  • Do you have any doors blocked?
  • Is there sufficient space for easy access at the dumpster's walk-in end?
  • Is the dumpster parked in a location where people walking nearby are safe?
When the dumpster driver gets to your house, they always lay down protective boards underneath the dumpster to distribute the weight and prevent scratches on your driveway. Our residential dumpster rental in Harrisonville has residentially friendly features—it frees up parking spots in your two-car driveway.


2. Establish The Path of Least Resistance

What will be the most popular route to and from your dumpster during your clean-out project? That is a crucial question that you should also ask yourself. You can prevent trampled flower beds or footpaths on your gorgeous lawn with a little forethought. If it is inevitable that someone will need to cross your lawn for some reason or another. Fortunately, you can reduce damage by placing plywood sheets down the path.

3. Keep Dangerous Liquids Out

A roll off dumpster in Harrisonville can hold almost anything you throw at it or put in it when you rent one, with the exception of hazardous materials. It is best to inquire about your city's hazardous waste collection procedures before disposing of anything hazardous, such as pesticides, motor oil, or gasoline. Consider the potentially disastrous consequences—fumes, flames, and leaks directly into your driveway—if these liquids are combined in your rental dumpster.

4. Don't Fill Up Your Tank All the Way

A roll off dumpster in Harrisonville allows for walk-in loading, but it's crucial to make sure the dumpster door is securely closed once it starts to fill up. When your discarded materials are flush with the top of the container, it will be a good idea to stop loading. Before the residential dumpster rental in Harrisonville is removed, the top must be covered with a tarp. You run the risk of spilling during dumpster pickup in your driveway and as the dumpster departs your property if you push the limit and your materials are well above or near the rim.

5. After You’re Done, Sweep Up the Remaining Mess

After all of the laborious work is finished and your roll off dumpster in Harrisonville full of trash has been removed from your property, grab a broom and thoroughly sweep your driveway. When the dumpster is gone, the last thing you want to happen is drive into an empty driveway and trip over a nail. Sweeping will collect any loose nails, leftover wood, broken glass, and paint chips.

It's a good idea to start by putting tarps around the base of your roll off dumpster in Harrisonville to catch debris as an extra precaution. This is a great way to prevent any hazardous or dangerous materials from being exposed to people that are walking by the area.
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